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Emmanuel Cooper
Thames & Hudson 2009

"......Shirley Leslyn Sheppard makes effective use
of doll-like imagery to comment on perceptions of
gender, sexuality and desire."

In July 2005 I was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Art & Design (Crafts) from Brighton University.  I am confident in a wide variety of materials and techniques, and feel most comfortable using soft malleable materials such as yarns, fabrics and more recently clay.   The natural progression from each of the different mediums I use has always been underlined by my ability to draw and my love of colour and texture.  Frequently my work is anthropomorphic and I am in an enviable position to be able to draw down from my observations of life and people using either the inner theatre of my over productive imagination, cherished characters or archetypes, friends or acquaintances.

Sometimes my art will represent facets of my own inner thoughts and allows my quirky sense of fun to come into play.  My work is purely ornamental and therefore must evoke something by way of a reaction from the observer or I have failed.

To date I am a maker using traditional pottery skills in ceramics, such as coil building and reconstructed slip castings from my own moulds.

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